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Donation-Based Yin Yoga

Donation-Based Yin Yoga

For optimum flexibility and health our bodies not only need active movement and muscle engagement (the yang practice), but our bodies also need the unique opening that only yin yoga can offer. Yin yoga practices long-held, seated poses to open the deeper tissues of the body: the ligaments, joints and connective tissues.

Students are offered an opportunity to surrender, slow down and come back to balance. The Yin practice offers mental and emotional benefits as you become quiet, still and mindful of the present.

This class is appropriate for all levels. Please dress in layers as in traditional yin yoga, the room will not be heated so that the muscles are cool, so that the stress of the posture can soak deeper into the connective tissues. Although some may think this is a passive yoga, it can be challenging to embrace the stillness and hold a pose for a longer period of time.

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