Donation Based Community Yoga


This donation-based class is Sunday Morning Glory. Varsha’s passion for yoga started 6 years ago. Inspiration from her instructors and the desire to help her family and community led her to learn more about yoga. She is a certified 200 RYT yoga instructor trained to equip educators and changemakers with social-emotional learning strategies, mindfulness tools, and yoga practices that support educator well-being and transform communities. She enjoys teaching gentle yoga to all ages; performed at a slower pace, with less intense asanas, and usually includes extended restorative postures, some meditation, breath work, and relaxation. She believes in taking time for herself to learn, to grow, to be inspired, and be an inspiration for change .

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March 30, 2024 (9:00 am) – March 30, 2024 (10:00 am)

938 B Street

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