Yoga for Good Sleep & Soundbath Journey


Perhaps what’s at fault with your insomnia isn’t something you did but rather something that you didn’t do—balance your yin and yang energies. If that’s the case, Yin Yoga can help you get better sleep. When yin and yang energy in our lives are in imbalance, one very common symptom of imbalance between yin and yang is insomnia or poor sleep, which is something you are likely to experience when you have too much yang energy or too little yin energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine works with the principle that your energy, or qi, flows through lines, or meridians, throughout the body. These lines of energy need to be open and balanced in order for us to remain in balance. This practice designed to enhance your yin energy and cool your yang aspects to promote a proper night of rest. In addition to incorporating the sound bath, the form of meditative therapy that can help reduce tension and pain, and the vibrations can put you in a relaxed state, allowing you to experience a high level of sleep pressure.

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